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About Peter R. Emshwiller

Peter R. Emshwiller, aka "Stoney"

Peter R. Emshwiller, aka “Stoney”

As far back as he can remember, Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller has passionately loved performing, writing, and painting… with a dollop of directing and filmmaking on the side. (In fact, filmmaking-wise, he is widely credited with creating the very first Star Trek fan film ever – at the ripe old age of ten. It’s been downhill ever since.)

In the roaring eighties, Stoney lived in the then-dicey East Village of Manhattan, right around the corner from CBGBs. Did he spend his nights punk-rocking out?  Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll? Nah, he was way too nerdy and introverted for all that.  Instead he rose early and worked as the managing editor of a buncha international magazines (including Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone Magazine,  Night Cry, and Gallery Magazine). He even managed to get some gigs painting and illustrating now and then.

Since those years in the editorial and art salt mines he’s had two science fiction Bantam Books novels published (Levels: The Host and its sequel, Levels: Short Blade), an original TV sitcom pilot produced, and numerous movie options taken out on his work by bigwigs like Jerry Bruckheimer. Nowadays when he’s not writing, he’s acting — particularly as a voiceover artist. Yes, that’s Stoney you hear resonating mellifluously in radio ads, making goofy voices in cartoons, and dying a thousand horrible deaths in video games. (Hey, it beats working for a living.)

When Stoney and his writing partners aren’t pitching sitcom ideas around town, he’s home working on the third book in the Levels trilogy and putting finishing touches on his romantic, silly, deeply smutty, hopefully funny novel designed to offend anyone who has even the tiniest smidgen of good taste.